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The Voucher API allows our clients to create and confirm requisitions to purchase vouchers from the registered merchants.


What is a voucher?

The vouchers offered by this API are commonly called gift cards (virtual codes).


To purchase a voucher you must follow the step-by-step below:

1) List all merchants available.


2) Request a voucher purchase for a specific merchant. The API will return an identification code for the voucher purchase order (orderId) and the amount options provided by the specific merchant that can be purchased.



Order Expiration

As soon as the request is completed, the orderId begins a countdown to expire within 5 minutes. If the request expires, the orderId will become unavailable.

3) Choose the amount based on the available options and confirm the voucher purchase order according to the orderId, both returned in the step 2.


4) It is also possible to list receipts of all voucher purchases done by an account and filter the results.


Technical Documentation

To see the technical resources about this product, you can access our technical documentation by clicking here.



The registration of the postbacks must be requested through Zendesk informing what is the URL to receive the JSON messages. To see the available webhooks for Voucher API click here.

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