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Regulatory Documents

RegDocs is a product used to sign any terms of service required to operate in Caradhras. There are two terms by default: Terms and Conditions document and Privacy Policy.

  • The Privacy Policy is what provides DOCK the permission to collect, process and store personal data, therefore, without it, no registration can be made.
  • The "Terms and Conditions" document, in turn, aims at defining rights and responsibilities between the parties involved.
  • Those two terms can be customized by DOCK's partner in order to include its needs by the approval of DOCK's legal team. This product can also be used to sign additional terms included at the partner's request.


1) To insert or update terms of use, privacy policies, and other applicable terms:

1.1) Send through a Zendesk ticket the upload of the required regulatory documents (attachments below) and the type of the parameters further used in the API. The term can be registered as plain text or as a PDF file. Click here to see the recommendations.

DOCK - Terms of Use.docx
DOCK - Privacy Policy.docx

For partners who have Hub Business Model (partners that sell Dock's solutions to other enterprises, usually smaller, sharing the same setup base), the regulatory documents of each product and, consequently, each third party enterprise, should be attached in the versions below.

DOCK - Terms of Use (Partner's Client Template).docx
DOCK - Privacy Policy (Partner's Client Template).docx

1.2) DOCK's legal team will evaluate it. After the final approval of the documents, we will upload them and tag them with the parameter type.

2) To request the terms that will be used before registration in Individuals and Companies:

2.1) Request one or more terms to the application. Each requested term also brings a one-time token;

2.2) Each token must be sent with a device fingerprint that identifies who signed the terms. This means the terms are accepted;

2.2.1) GET
2.2.2) POST

2.3) Continue the registration process in Individuals (natural person) or Companies (legal person) API. An assigned term that is not linked to a person will be valid only for 720 hours (30 days).

3) To request terms for an already registered person:

3.1) Request one or more terms to the application. Each requested term also brings a one-time token;

3.2) Each token must be sent with a device fingerprint and the idIndividual (natural person) or idCompany (legal person) of who is accepting the term.

3.2.1) GET
3.2.2) POST

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Regulatory Documents

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