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Payments Scheduler

The Payments Scheduler API is the product that allows Dock PartnerDock Partner - Dock Partners are companies using Dock services in a BaaS model.s/Dock ClientDock Client - Dock Partners are companies using Dock services in a FaaS model.s to schedule bill payments.

Scheduling Payments

To schedule payments, simply choose a date and the amount for the transaction. The Payments Scheduler follows the same rules as normal payments, however, allowing the payment to happen in a scheduled date.


Business Days Only!

If the payment is scheduled to happen in a non-business day, the API will accept the schedule but it will be canceled at the day of the payment and it will require a new schedule.

It is possible to add some remarks to the transaction registry, such as discount, interest and fine, but they do not affect the amount that will be paid. Like normal payments, it is required to choose the exactly the amount that will be used to pay the bill, otherwise the payment will be scheduled successfully but will be refused on the scheduled day by the bank. You can delete the payment scheduling and schedule again if necessary.

Technical Documentation

To see the technical resources about this product, you can access our technical documentation by clicking on the links below:




The registration of the postbacks must be requested through Zendesk informing what is the URL to receive the JSON messages. To see the available webhooks for Payments Scheduler click here.

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Payments Scheduler

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