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The Recharger is a product in the Payment Slip API developed to allow our clients to recharge their accounts via payment slips, providing a completely different deposit experience.

Requesting a recharger payment slip.

One of its great features is the possibility of defining the payee (beneficiary) name in the payment slip, which can be the issuer or the account holder itself. By default, the acceptance of all Recharger payment slips is defined as "Not Accepted", which means it can not be legally contested. Click here to see more details about how payment slips works and its fields.



There is a fee associated to the creation of payment slips, however, it is not exposed on the generated payment slips. That being said, our clients can charge the account holder or even assume this fee and make it an attractive feature for their product as well.

Technical Documentation

To see the technical resources about this product, you can access our technical documentation by clicking on the link below:


Video Guide: How to Generate a "Recharger" Payment Slip?

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