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The Invoice is a product in the PaymentSlip API developed to allow our clients to create invoice payment slips, providing the account holders the possibility of charging someone via payment slips.

Requesting an invoice payment slip.



The acceptance of Invoice payment slips are set as "Not Accepted" by default. However, it is possible to change it on our API.

What can I do with an invoice payment slip?

Invoice payment slips are very customizable. Besides choosing which name will appear as the payee (or beneficiary) on the payment slip, it is also possible to define a guarantor drawer (or co-beneficiary), the payment slip type, fine, discount and interest. Click here to see more details about how payment slips works and its fields.

Guarantor Drawer or Co Beneficiary (also known as "Sacador Avalista")

To define a guarantor drawer, the only necessary information is the person's document number (CPF/CNPJ), document type, and name.

Choosing the Type of Payment Slip

The type of charge can define the type of invoice payment slip that will be generated. If it is related to a product sale, it can be assigned as a trade bill (also known as "Duplicata Mercantil"). If it is related to the provision of a service, it can be assigned as a service bill (also knows as "Duplicata de Serviço").

Due Date

Invoice payment slips cancel according to due dates. However, it is possible to set an automatic cancellation after a determined number of days, allowing the payer to pay even after the payment slip due date.

Fines and Interests

It is possible to charge a fine from the invoice payment slip after its due date. The charged fine can be assigned as a fixed amount or even a percentage of the total value of the invoice payment slip. Unlike fines, interests are taxes that can be charged DAILY after the invoice payment slip's due date.


Fines vs Interests

Both fines and interests on payment slips are charges that they are liable to due to arrears. The difference between the two charges is that:

  • Fines are charged only over the installment instead of the full amount of the debt regardless of the quantity of days overdue, limited to 2% of the installment amount according to the Law No. 9,298 from August 1st, 1996.
  • Interests are also charged only over the installment instead of the full amount of the debt, however, it is charged daily until the payment is made. For more details, see the Section IV of the Law No. 10,406 from January 10th, 2002.


It is also possible to give discounts on the invoice payment slip if the payment is made until a defined date. The discounts can be given as fixed discounts or a percentage of the total amount of the payment slip.



There is a fee associated to the creation of payment slips, however, it is not exposed on the generated payment slips. That being said, our clients can charge the account holder or even assume this fee and make it an attractive feature for their product as well.

Video Guide: How to Generate an "Invoice" Payment Slip?

Technical Documentation

To see the technical resources about this product, you can access our technical documentation by clicking on the link below:


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