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The Peer-to-Peer Transfer API (P2P) (also known as Person-to-Person transfer) is a product responsible for transferring, digitally, the balance between accounts that are in the same issuer structure.

The P2P transfer is performed online, with an average processing time of 1.4 seconds, making it a simple and fast option of cash-in and also cash-out.

How does it work?

To make a P2P transfer happen, relevant information about the two accounts involved in the P2P transfer request, such as sufficient balance and allowed statuses, are verified.


Once confirmed that both accounts are able to take part of the P2P transfer, the process is started and happens in a few steps, with the assistance of an auxiliary account (idAccount 5).

P2P Transfer flow chart.

If there are issues in the during the P2P Transfer process, such as a timeout, for example, the whole process is suspended and the steps that were successfully completed are reverted, equalizing the balance of all accounts involved.

It is possible to list all performed P2P transfers by using filters and also search for specific P2P transfers by calling our endpoints.




The registration of the postbacks must be requested through Zendesk informing what is the URL to receive the JSON messages. To see the available webhooks for P2P Transfer click here.

Video Guide: How to Perform a P2P Transfer?

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