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How to get a Virtual Card?

Virtual Card Numbers (VCN) are virtual cards that work in the same format as the physical cards, in the settlement and purchase processes. But they are usually used on online purchases (e-commerce).

Issuing Virtual Cards

To request virtual cards, follow the step-by-step based on the image below:

Process to create a virtual card

1) Register a person with an account: It is required to accept our terms and conditions and also send the required documents. See the Individuals and Companies sections for more details about this process.

2) Request a virtual card for the account holder: Start the process of generating a virtual card to the account by setting an expiration date.


3) Unlock the virtual card: All virtual cards are locked when created. It is necessary to unlock it to start using.


4) Canceling : If necessary a virtual card can be canceled by unlocking another virtual card linked to the same individual.



Transaction Password

Virtual cards do not have a password, the transaction validation is done through CVV.


Maximum Number of Cards

It is possible to have up to 255 (virtual and/or physical) cards per account.

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How to get a Virtual Card?

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