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How to get a Named Card?

To request Named cards, follow the step-by-step based on the image below:

Physical card creation flow.

1) Register a person with an account: It is required to accept our terms and conditions and also send the required documents. See the Individuals and Companies sections for more details about this process.

2) Request a physical card for the account holder: Start the process by entering the following information on the Cards API:

  • Account identification code (idAccount generated in the step 1);
  • Person identification code (idIndividuals or idCompany generated in the step 1 or idPessoa of the partner);
  • Card design identification code (id_tipo_plastico) for the card that will be printed, defined on the setup process.



Cards for Company Partners

It is necessary to identify the idPessoa of the company partner by searching all additionals of a company account in the endpoint below.



Company Partners' Delivery Address

All cards generated for company partners will be delivered at the company address.

3) Set a password: Once you set the password, the card embossing company will automatically receive the card printing order to emboss and deliver. Click here for more details about our tangible assets.


4) Unlock the card: The card needs to be unlocked to be used. To unlock a physical card, the embossing process must to be properly finished.



Maximum Number for Cards

It is possible to have up to 255 (virtual and/or physical) cards per account.

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How to get a Named Card?

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