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Create Alias Bank Account

This documentation explains how to create an account at a partner bank (Alias Bank Account/Alias Account) bounded to a payment account. The API allows to create an account in more than one bank; thereafter, this documentation will be constantly updated with the list of banks connected to it and also their specific responses.

It is important to notice that there are extra fields of KYC, which are required depending on the bank in which the Alias Account is being created. This means the Alias Bank account may require further KYC fields from the APIs Individuals and Companies, which are optional to register payment accounts (non Alias Accounts).


1) Issuer request payload: To request an Alias Account, it is necessary to have a payment account (idAccount) and choose an institution (bankNumber) from our partner institutions. The API verifies if the request has all the KYC requirements for the selected partner institution at Individuals and Companies.


The status of the account creation request is defined as PENDING during the approval process of the partner bank. A webhook will be sent in up to 24 hours to notify the final status.


Webhook Statuses (Account Creation Process)

  • If the status is ACTIVE, that means the account was approved and it generates an Alias Account;
  • If the status is NOT_ACTIVE, that means the account wasn’t approved and it generates an unique id.

For more details about all the Alias Account webhooks click here.

As the Alias Bank API can create bank accounts from different institutions, the list below highlights the main features of accounts created in the available institutions and their KYC requirements.

Alias Bank Partners

Banco BV

This new service was built in partnership with Banco BV, one of the major sponsors of the fintech market in Brazil. The Alias Bank Service is available only to partners who use Dock (Payment Institution) as the custodian of its account holders resources.

Click here for more details about the Banco BV (655) Alias Account.

Video Guide: How to Create an Alias Account?

Updated 9 months ago

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Banco BV (655)

Create Alias Bank Account

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