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The Payments API allows our clients to pay payment slips and bills generated by different banks and financial institutions if they are properly registered in CIP or if they have their covenant number (also known as "Convênio" in Portuguese) registered for Dock to pay. Click here to see the full list of these covenants.

What can I pay with Payments API?

We can divide the types of bills that Payments API can pay into two categories:

Normal: This type of bill usually comes on a monthly basis, as those are bills of consumptions, things like cell phone bills, electricity, gas, tax collection, rent, or other monthly taxes. In this kind of payment slip, the time window usually goes from 7:00 (GMT-3) to 16:00 (GMT-3). Another important aspect of Normal payment slips is that after their due date there will be no extra value in form of fines or interest to be paid, however, in the next bill, the value will be added according to the amounts of days not paid.


Payment Window

Although the payment window closes at 16:00 (GMT-3) some covenant close their window earlier at 15:45 (GMT-3).

NPC: This type of bill is a usual payment slip created by a bank to pay a credit card bill or pay money owed to a company, for example. In this kind of bill, the time window usually goes from 07:00 (GMT-3) to 20:30 (GMT-3). Another important aspect of NPC bills is that after their due date they may be available to pay, however, now liable to fines and interests.

For a simple view, check the following table:




Monthly Bills;
Not registered at CIP.

Bank Payment Slip;
Registered at CIP.

Time Window

Usually, from 07:00 (GMT-3) to 16:00 (GMT-3).

Usually, from 07:00 (GMT-3) to 20:30 (GMT-3).

Due Date

Does not have due date.

Has due date.


The fines or interest are charged on the next month.

The fines or interest are added to the value of the current payment slip.

Payment Limit

Up to BRL 50,000.

Up to BRL 250,000.

If the payment occurs on the time window related to payment, the settlement happens in up to 3 business days. However, if the payment occurs outside the payment window, the transaction will not occur, and it will be necessary to either try again in the next business day or call our Payment Scheduler API to schedule the payment.

Payment Status

All payment requests start at the PENDING status, which means the transaction is not finished but being processed. Once processed, the final answer for the transaction will be sent via webhook, and the status will change to any of the above:

  • PAID: Payment is successfully paid. If the payment had a reversal due to some error, the status would change from PAID to REVERSAL.
  • NOT_EXECUTED: It means that the transaction was not performed.


Business Days only!

Payments API does not work on weekends nor holidays (according to FEBRABAN's calendar)! So the payment must occur on business days.


Payments Outside the Payment Windows

Payments attempted to be executed outside the payment windows are debited from the end user's account and receive a "pending" status. When this happens, the payment is automatically scheduled to be executed on the next payment window.

What is required to pay a bill?

To pay a bill, it is required to validate its barcode number before paying it. This process is important because our Payments API needs the exact amount paid on the bill, and the validation process shows the total of discounts, fines, and interests as well as the total amount to charge. If the payment occurs with the wrong amount, the bank will refuse the payment, and the money will be refunded.

The validation process also shows the payment limit date (when it exists). This bill's payment will only be accepted until that date, which may be different from its due date since it is possible to pay overdue bills.


Bill Settlement

The settlement or final status of a bill can take up to 48h to have a final response about the status of the transaction.

Technical Documentation

To see the technical resources about this product, you can access our technical documentation by clicking on the link below:




The registration of the postbacks must be requested through Zendesk informing what is the URL to receive the JSON messages. To see the available webhooks for Payments click here.

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