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Becoming a DOCK Partner

The step-by-step to become a DOCK PartnerDOCK Partner - Any and every entity that has a contract to use directly the services offered by DOCK is considered a DOCK Partner. is presented below.


The DOCK Partner's onboarding process starts with a conversation to understand the customer needs and to elaborate a match with DOCK solutions. And it ends with the delivery of the partner digital banking and the corresponding charges.

1) Business proposal

This journey starts with the interaction between the company and DOCK. In this conversation, DOCK receives all requirements & needs and then propose what best fits the customer. After the Partner approves the proposal, then the next steps will be carried out in Moria Platform:

  • Company Registration Process: This is how the Partner will be registered in DOCK's database.
  • Know Your Partner: The Know Your Partner (KYP) form is what the name says: information on the company will be required, as legal and regulatory compliance. Here documents will be attached and sent.
  • Card Scheme Diligence: Once the KYP is finalized, a diligence required by the card scheme starts. New forms will have to be filled out.

2) Contract

Once the above steps are completed, the contract is signed and the next step is the Setup in the production environment and token.

3) Order Products

At this step, the DOCK Partners are able to order products and it adds information to their setup:

  • If the selected product is already available at DOCK (for example Auzituck, Interest-Bearing Account, Station), then it is not necessary any additional documents.
  • If a third-party solution is used (for example, systems from a third-party bank for Alias Bank), then the DOCK Partner needs to go through another specific KYP with the corresponding bank. The request process for the Alias Bank product is on Zendesk.

4) How to add Sub-Partners

These are the formats:

  • Sub-Partners (Partners of a DOCK Partner): This is a company that wants to have its own digital banking through the DOCK Partner. There is no direct contract with DOCK and there is no specific production base for this new Sub-Partner. There is no specific production token. The request process is on Zendesk.
  • New levels of Partnership (New Product): A company may also have a contract with a DOCK Partner or with a DOCK Sub-Partner and may be willing to have a product in their existing digital banking structure. There is no direct contract with DOCK and there is no specific production base, nor token. The request process is on Zendesk.

Additional Details

New Brands: The DOCK Partner or the Sub-Partner has its own brand and needs to update the card with a new brand (logo) or with a new design of the current brand. In this case, only brands owned by the DOCK Partner or by the Sub-Partner will be accepted and the brand authorization terms will be required.
New BINs: This is the process to acquire New BIN numbers. This product is available for DOCK Partners only. The request process is on Zendesk.

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Becoming a DOCK Partner

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