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Access Profiles

Through control of permissions, different levels of access to the functionalities present in Caradhras were created and distributed in specific access profiles. The standard access profiles registered to DOCK PartnerDOCK Partner - Any and every entity that has a contract to use directly the services offered by DOCK is considered a DOCK Partner.s are listed below:


Click here for more details about the access profiles.


Master User Access

We provide a power of attorney model for users with master access. Click here to download it.

All Issuers that access the Auzituck platform should have 1 (one) Master User chosen by the partner and informed to DOCK. Master User's registry should be created to that one legally liable to the partner, composing the corporate structure of the respective Issuer, or having powers of attorney of specific powers for such. The supporting document should be sent to DOCK's access management through Zendesk portal.

Through a Master User profile, it is possible to request for the registry of new users, being the request sent for DOCK's internal approval/diligence team. After the registry approval, the new user will receive a notification by e-mail, where it will be able to register the access password.

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Access Profiles

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