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The Auzituck Platform

Auzituck is a platform developed in order to be a simple and clear form to optimize the tasks and manage the information records of our partners. It allows the Issuer’s operation to flow more systemically, integrating different departments. It also has the capacity to automate tasks that are risky and take a long time when manually made. As time goes by, this system becomes indispensable for the success and expansion of your business.

One of the great benefits of adopting the system is the increase in operations safety: through interactive and objective screens, the chances of improper records fall dramatically. Access permissions controlled by different user profiles also reduce the risk of fraud, unlike exposed tokens, which makes the control extremely more sensitive.

In addition, all events are logged in our AWS cloud, with data storage for 5 years. This makes Auzituck a highly secure system, especially because the Master users can control accesses by specifying which persons can access which information.

It is a business enterprise system, which means that companies of all sizes and segments, from micro-companies to multinationals, can enjoy its benefits and facilities. The software is adaptable, making it useful to a wide range of businesses.

Typically, every IT solution needs a huge investment, whether in technology infrastructure or development. However, as Auzituck is completely on the cloud, we offer a service that works fully online and your cost is only a monthly subscription.

Another big advantage comes from the fact that all support comes from us, DOCK. As a result, we allow our clients to reduce their IT hiring costs and shape their investments in a more strategic way since we charge a predefined fee.

DOCK has, definitely, developed a precious ally for your company: we ensure faster growth, clarity of information, and functionalities designed to serve your business.

Updated 6 months ago

The Auzituck Platform

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