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Login Screen

Through the link, user will have access to the login screen. To login the Auzituck platform, you should only enter the “LOGIN” credentials received by e-mail and the registered “PASSWORD”.

Auzituck's login screen.


Access Automatic Block

There is a rule for access automatic block, which is the limit of three wrong password attempts. When the access is blocked, it will be necessary to request the Master User to release the access.

Two-Step Access Validation

In view of the platform login security, a two-step access validation is required, also called Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). For such, it will be necessary the use of an authentication application of user’s preference (e.g., Auth Inc, Microsoft, Google), which after the reading of a QR Code available in the platform, will provide the authentication token accompanied by an installation tutorial on the access screen.

With this new tool, it is allowed to access the Auzituck platform from any computer with Internet access.

Two-step validation with the QR Code (first access).

Two-step validation without the QR Code (access already bound to an application of user's preference).

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