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API Environments

All our APIs are hosted in specific environments. The environments provided to DOCK PartnerDOCK Partner - Any and every entity that has a contract to use directly the services offered by DOCK is considered a DOCK Partner.s are Staging or Homologation (HML) and Production (PRD).

The PRD environment is where all requests are related to real impacts, which means all DOCK procedures are applied to it. The HML environment, on the other hand, works similarly to the PRD environment, however, the processed data does not result in real impacts, so it is only used to test how our APIs work.

Testing Products

The HML environment simulates how our APIs work (responses and interactions). See below some examples of what can be simulated in our HML environment:

  • Registration of natural persons;
  • Registration of legal persons;
  • Account registration of natural persons;
  • Account registration of legal persons;
  • Consult Accounts;
  • Deactivate accounts;
  • Block accounts;
  • Reactivate Account;
  • Cancel accounts;
  • Issue cash-in payment slips;
  • Consult payment slips;
  • Bills settlement;
  • Perform P2P transfers;
  • Consult P2P transfers;
  • Pay a payment slip (without settling the same);
  • Validate a barcode;
  • Debit and credit adjustments;
  • Consult statements;
  • Consult balance;
  • List parameterized tariffs;
  • Consult your card balance;
  • Consult your card invoices;
  • Generate your card invoice bill;
  • Lock and unlock your card;
  • Purchase of vouchers;
  • Purchase of mobile phone recharges;
  • SPTrans recharge purchase.

Although the HML environment is used for testing, some specific scenarios of the business-level experience of our products cannot be simulated. These scenarios are:

  • Know Your Client (KYC);
  • Print a prepaid card;
  • Perform a TED-IN to Payment Accounts;
  • Perform a TED-IN to Alias Accounts;
  • Account cash-in through payment slips;
  • Card webhooks documented in this page;
  • Card authorization webhooks documented in this page;
  • Transactions via physical card;
  • Transactions via virtual card;
  • Transactions via cpf-token;
  • Testing with Falcon;
  • Tecban Withdrawal;
  • Ted OUT via DOCK partner bank;
  • Generation of the files:
    • CCS (5200, 5201 and 5202);
    • PLD;
    • Accounting interface;
    • Synthetic Portfolio;
    • Analytical Portfolio;
    • International IOF;
    • CADOC 5816;
    • CADOC 6308;
    • Card scheme settlement schedule;
    • Settlement file within DOCK;
    • Transactional file of processing.

On-demand Tests

Some tests require DOCK manual actions to be available for testing. In this case, open a Zendesk ticket for assistance. The list below presents these tests:

  • Request a batch of No Name cards;
  • Add additional balance to HML accounts;
  • Account webhooks documented in this page.

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API Environments

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